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You know what really gets my goat, regarding people making OCs, is I don’t like when people make OCs based in already created worlds (such as making a Sonic/Pokemon/Mario/etc OC) and then make their OC be somehow related to a canon character. It just doesn’t work well 99.% of the time and just feels like “no I promise she really IS his long-lost sister”.

Worst is I don’t even know why I give a shit.

My favorite thing about living in an ancient apartment building where I have neighbors on literally all sides is that if any one of them gets roaches I get to share in the glory, no matter how clean I try to keep things.

Sidenote fuck parents who can’t seem to let someone else vent without WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE KIDS. Yes, parenting is hard, yes, kids suck, but fucking a sometimes a problem is still a problem even if you feel like your prsonal problems are more important

I’ll just say this, partially related to Puyo Quest but also applies to pretty much everything else as well: Just because one piece of bread only has a little mold and the other piece has a full-on mushroom growing off it, does not mean I want to eat the less moldy piece of bread or that it looks any more appetizing.

I don’t think you’re being fair to it. Even if the gacha system isn’t the most “fair”, the rest of the game is a lot…
I was going to type up a longer thing but I don’t feel like putting the energy forth to type of paragraphs that basically say that I’m not saying it’s an objectively bad game or system it’s just one I strongly dislike save for a few diamonds in the rough. You’re more than welcome to see my posts about this game and ignore them or unfollow me if they’re too irritating and spontaneous, because nothing about what I’m saying is stopping you from playing or enjoying the game and it’s certainly doing nothing to stop Sega from making it or profiting off of it, it’s just me saying I subjectively dislike most aspects of this game and basically am only willing to play it because it’s the first time since like 2006 my favorite character of the whole series has so much been acknowledged officially in any form.
Guess I wrote quite a bit anyway, hm? Fucking whoopsies.
I mean, freemium isn’t a bad thing inherently, it’s just used wrong a lot. I think puyo quest is a fine game in its own right. Sure it could be better, but it’s a fun widget title, y’know?
The problem to me is they’re aren’t going about freemium correctly, if you really can. I hate the fact that in order to really get anything all that great, you need good luck and in some cases too much time on your hands, and at best you can boost it by throwing money at them for something consumable that can only be gotten back with more money or a lot of patience. I mean, paid DLC is one thing, and I’m fine with paid DLC if it feels like a supplement to a complete game, but not when the lowest amount of money you can throw into a game while actually getting something half-decent is $15 for something that will get used up swiftly.
In fact right before posting this I used a Gold Ticket that I got from grinding an event, and wound up getting a fucking filler character from Oshare’s series, when I pretty much only actively want Oshare and wouldn’t at least been okay with like, Skeleton T or Frankensteins. I can try the magic stone gacha!! But there’s no guarantee I’ll get something I like even if I hypothetically paid $100 if my luck decided to go sour.
zweistarがあなたの投稿に返信しました:Fuck Puyo Quest though
How come? I think it’s pretty alright, for a freemium game.
Because you had to end this train of thought with “for a freemium game”.

Our king has fallen


Our king has fallen