Call the Fashion Police‼

After I catch my big break one day I’m gonna be a bigger star than VY Canis Majoris ever was.

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I get really confused when porn bots follow my account because this isn’t even the one I post that stuff on.

I bought some pomegranate-scented body wash and remarked to a friend online that it smells more like Swedish Fish than anything, and it turns out he had never heard of that candy and got a bit confused remarked that that’s oddly specific and asked if Swedish fish in particular smell good.

Guys can we PLEASE stop taking this issue that has roots in racism or sexism and trying to make it about racism or sexism?? CLEARLY the actual problem is this other factor that would absolve me of having to look deep inside myself to see if I am part of the problem!!

While most Hangul has gotten easy enough for me to be able to read without a whole ton of delay, man are some of the combined vowels (ㅘ, ㅝ etc) tripping me up still.


The other day I brought up a bit of my family life with a person at work and she told me that despite all my family put me though, I came out so well-adjusted and white and not ghetto at all. Uhh hmm um